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Vanilla Garden International Youth Hostel

Hongdao Village, Machikou Town, Changping District, Beijing

Beijing Vanilla Garden International Youth Hostel is a subsidiary company of the Beijing Vanilla Garden Fishing Village Co.,Ltd., it is holding a land area of 20,000 square meters, the main constructions include 1 restaurant, 3 fishing ponds, 2 guest buildings, 1 vegetables plantation and 1 fruit plantation. Beijing Vanilla Garden International Youth Hostel is located at Changping District of Beijing, The Changping District has many scenic areas, Great Wall Juyongguan and Ming tombs are in 15 minutes by bus, the Mangshan National Forest Park , the Yinshantalin Natural Scenic Area, the Zuijiuyu Natural Scenic Area, the Huyu Natural Scenic Area , the Dayangshan Natural Scenic Area , the Baihujian Natural Scenic Area , the Gou Ai Natural Scenic Area, the Longtan Natural Scenic Area, the Baiyanggou Natural Scenic Area, the Tianchi Natural Scenic Area, the Mingtombs, the Qinci Peace Temple, the Yanshou Temple, China Aeronautical Museum , the Tank Museum , the Nine-dragons Amusement Park , the Ming Emperors' Waxworks Palace, Beijing International Golf Club , China North Shooting Range and the Snowworld Skiing Field are all hereabout the hostel. The guest buildings holding a land area of 1000 square meters, the first building has 15 guest rooms, 1 multifunctional hall. Each room is equipped by independent bathroom, air conditioner, intercommunicating telephone and cable TV. The second building is constituted of 8 traditional quadrangles, each of them is equipped by bathroom, air conditioner, intercommunicating telephone, cable TV and dooryard. The hostel provides 60 beds. The store of the hostel has various types of the daily necessities. Over 50 square meters washhouse is built in glass. Two self-service kitchens are opened to the youth hostel members, moreover, the restaurant of the hostel also provide many kinds of meals in different prices. The multifunctional hall has 1 bar, 1 reading room, 1 small cinema within satellite TV and 1 internet bar. The hostel provides 10 minutes free domestic or international phone call for every lodger.

Dirección Vanilla Garden International Youth Hostel

Hongdao Village, Machikou Town, Changping District , Beijing , China
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Servicios del Hotel

  • Aparcamiento
  • Restaurante
  • Internet
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