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Sáb. 02/09/2019Mié. 02/13/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 69
Mié. 02/06/2019Mar. 02/12/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 69
Sáb. 02/16/2019Mié. 02/20/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 69
Mar. 02/26/2019Mar. 03/05/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 69
Mié. 02/06/2019Mié. 02/13/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 69
Sáb. 01/26/2019Lun. 02/04/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 76
Mié. 01/23/2019Mar. 01/29/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 81
Mié. 01/23/2019Mié. 01/30/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 81
Lun. 01/28/2019Jue. 01/31/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 82
Dom. 03/03/2019Mar. 04/02/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 86
Mié. 07/10/2019Mié. 07/17/2019Non-stopDelta Air Lines$ 100
Mar. 05/07/2019Mar. 05/14/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 101
Mié. 04/24/2019Mié. 05/01/2019Non-stopUnited Airlines$ 101
Mar. 04/23/2019Mar. 04/30/2019Non-stopUnited Airlines$ 101
Mar. 04/23/2019Mié. 04/24/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 102
Mar. 05/07/2019Vie. 05/10/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 102
Mar. 08/27/2019Mié. 08/28/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 102
Lun. 05/06/2019Mié. 05/08/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 102
Mar. 08/20/2019Mar. 08/27/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 103
Mié. 01/23/2019Mié. 01/23/2019Non-stopJetBlue Airways$ 105
Vie. 02/01/2019Mié. 05/01/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 106
Mié. 01/30/2019Sáb. 02/02/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Vie. 02/01/2019Mié. 02/06/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Mié. 01/23/2019Mié. 02/13/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Mié. 02/06/2019Sáb. 02/09/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Mar. 01/22/2019Sáb. 01/26/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Vie. 01/25/2019Lun. 02/04/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Lun. 02/04/2019Sáb. 02/09/2019Non-stopAmerican Airlines$ 111
Lun. 03/04/2019Mié. 04/03/2019Non-stopSpirit Airlines$ 117
Mar. 07/16/2019Mié. 07/24/2019Non-stopDelta Air Lines$ 117

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