Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to make bookings through Turismocity?

It is not possible since TurismoCity functions as a price comparison webpage and the reservation is not made on our site directly. Turismocity searches among the best booking pages and directs you to the one that offers the best price so you can make the reservation there.

Is it possible to ask hotel prices by phone?

No, Turismocity does not offer telephone inquiries service.

I have not received the reservation confirmation, could you please send me a confirmation email again?

In Turismocity we do not make reservations , but we redirect you to different booking sites. That is why we can not send you the confirmation of the reservation. The site where you make the reservation will be responsible for sending you the confirmation. If you made a reservation and did not receive any email, check your spam box or send an email to the site where you made the reservation.

Are all the booking sites that appear in Turismocity reliable?

Yes, all the sites that appear in Turismocity are reliable. We only work with the best booking agencies to offer you the lowest possible rates.

Can I cancel or modify my hotel reservation through Turismocity?

En Turismocity no se realizan las reservas, sino que te redirigimos a distintos sitios de reserva, es por eso que se pueden cancelar o modificar reservas desde Turismocity. Para hacer un cambio o cancelar una reserva, tendrás que contactar con el sitio con el que hiciste la reserva. Puedes encontrar esta información en el email de confirmación que has recibido o, alternativamente, en la página de información de la agencia.

The price in Turismocity is different from the one to which it redirects me, how can I book the offer that appears in Turismocity?

In Turismocity we always work to show real and actual prices with precision, however, in some cases, we can receive erroneous information from the site with which we work regarding availability and additional rates . Unfortunately, there are cases where the price is slightly higher in the agency than in Turismocity, and this may be due to added expenses that have not been communicated to Turismocity.