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Etxegana Hotel Bilbao

Barrio Ipi GBP Aburu 38 BILBAO (VIZCAYA), Bilbao

Rural hotel, a cut board. It is not a redundant definition but a declaration of principles, providing bed and mantel, but not only this. Luis and Begona will make you feel as at home. The Gorbeia natural park... at the background, the mist surrounds the forest. Around, half hectare of garden puts you in the contact with the nature. From the own identity of the building, everything which stays over the roots of the zone: roof of two waters, glass viewpoint, brick wall, stone and wooden rafter. Typical new floor with planned design. The inner design has different styles: colonial, Victorian, Provencal, and French. Colourful glazers. Strong stairs. It smells of new, but the view gets us to the past. The lounge has Italian tapestry and mahogany furniture. A glass arch relieves the country look. The guestrooms provide the simplicity and the friendly power of the country-side, but with the character which offers a heavy and hand-worked woodwork.

Dirección Etxegana Hotel Bilbao

Barrio Ipi GBP Aburu 38 BILBAO (VIZCAYA) CP: 48144 , Bilbao , España
Teléfono: No especificado Fax: No especificado

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