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Reyers Hotel Brussels

Boulevard Auguste Reyers 40 - 42, Brussels, Belgium, Bruselas

Located in the city centre, the Reyers Hotel Brussels is close to the entrance of the Brussels Ring. The Brussels Zaventem Airport is only 10 minutes away from the hotel which is in the centre of a dense transportation network. Offering spacious rooms of standard quality, this property takes care to satisfy the diversified needs of each and every traveller. The property does not have restaurant facilities.


Entrada 1200
Salida 1200

Dirección Reyers Hotel Brussels

Boulevard Auguste Reyers 40 - 42, Brussels, Belgium CP: 1030 , Bruselas , Bélgica
Teléfono: 32-2-7265616 Fax: 32 27 266608

Reyers Hotel Brussels

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  • the Owner sits behind a filthy reception desk with an extremely long beared which hasnt been washed well in years, smoking cigarettes and drinking wine behind the desk which has piles of old books and magazines... 2008-11-12 - travel.yahoo.com

  • This is honestly a Terrible hotel!!... 2008-11-12 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Having said all that, the room itself wasn't too bad... 2007-12-09 - ratestogo.com

  • The breakfast was pretty good (and included in the rate). 2007-12-09 - ratestogo.com

  • I got a very cheap rate and I could see why. 2007-12-09 - ratestogo.com

  • Yes, the furniture is cheap (like MFI, for the Brits), the mirror was propped on the sink, and the cold tile floor was "gritty" but the shower worked well with plenty of hot water, I had a shared, concrete "balcony" which runs across the rear of the hotel to the fire escape (maybe a security risk but door and window were secure double-glazing) and there was space. 2007-12-09 - ratestogo.com

  • The reception staff weren't rude but this isn't a Hilton! 2007-12-09 - ratestogo.com

  • It´s the worst Hotel you may ever see in your life, if you can call it a hotel at all. 2007-07-23 - travel.yahoo.com

  • Dirty, collapsed, unconfortable are the best discription of this hotel with its broken doors, dirty floors and stincky beds. 2007-07-23 - travel.yahoo.com

  • The TV screen is about the size of your wrist watch face, the bathroom standing shower is so small that with the curtain closed you can't even turn around without the old rag touching your shoulder. 2006-10-09 - travel.yahoo.com