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Mar. 09/03/2019Lun. 09/09/2019Con EscalasAeroméxico$ 176
Jue. 09/19/2019Lun. 09/23/2019Con EscalasAeroméxico$ 178
Vie. 11/15/2019Lun. 11/18/2019Con EscalasAeroméxico$ 196
Vie. 11/15/2019Lun. 11/18/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 218
Jue. 09/19/2019Lun. 09/23/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 229
Mar. 09/03/2019Lun. 09/09/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 229
Mar. 06/04/2019Mié. 06/19/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 230
Sáb. 07/13/2019Lun. 07/22/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 239
Dom. 07/14/2019Lun. 07/22/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 240
Sáb. 06/08/2019Mié. 06/12/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 240
Mar. 06/04/2019Mié. 06/19/2019Con EscalasCopa Airlines$ 291
Sáb. 06/08/2019Mié. 06/12/2019Con EscalasCopa Airlines$ 298
Mar. 06/11/2019Lun. 06/17/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 308
Jue. 06/13/2019Dom. 06/23/2019DirectosAmerican Airlines$ 320
Mar. 06/11/2019Lun. 06/17/2019Con EscalasAmerican Airlines$ 321
Vie. 06/21/2019Lun. 06/24/2019Con EscalasAeroméxico$ 330
Jue. 06/13/2019Dom. 06/23/2019Con EscalasAmerican Airlines$ 333
Sáb. 07/13/2019Lun. 07/22/2019Con EscalasAeroméxico$ 340
Vie. 06/21/2019Dom. 06/30/2019Con EscalasAeroméxico$ 340
Dom. 07/14/2019Lun. 07/22/2019Con EscalasCayman Airways$ 355
Vie. 06/21/2019Lun. 06/24/2019DirectosDelta Air Lines$ 373
Vie. 06/21/2019Dom. 06/30/2019DirectosDelta Air Lines$ 374